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SCREW IT! One would think that after 40 years of fiberglass boat building, virtually all builders would know that you do not use screws to fasten parts of the hull together, or even attach hardware to the vessel. Why not use screws? In a word, "glass." Even a mechanical idiot wouldn't attempt to drill a hole in a plate of glass and put a screw in it, yet the primary constituent of "fiberglass" is just that: glass. And when you run a threaded screw into glass reinforced plastic, the gla

2012-10-31 Internet Aboard

Relearn your online habits before you take them to sea. We live in a connected world. From the e mail and Internet we depend on for work and family life to the pocket size devices that used to be called phones, going without is no longer an option. This holds true when we leave the shore. Whether it's communicating for safety and maintenance, doing research and making onshore reservations when cruising or just keeping in touch with family and friends, any boater with a vessel large en

2012-10-31 Carbon Monoxide

After many years of declining, the number of cases of carbon monoxide poisoning cases is on the rise. Huge strides have been make toward making marine engine exhaust systems safe, particularly the gasoline engine which puts out more than double the amount of CO that diesel does. The increase in the number of cases to the large increase is newcomers to boating that are (1) less aware of the CO danger, and (2) are more prone to not maintain their boats as well. Carbon monoxide is an odo

2012-10-31 Yacht Weigh In

How weight and its location influence your yacht's speed and handling. Medical experts agree that it's not just how much you weigh, but where you carry that weight, that figures into your likelihood of having health issues. For some reason, particularly if you are prone to being overweight, an apple shape physique is far more dangerous than a pear shape one. Armchair naval architects take notice; there is a close analogy in yacht performance. Carrying a lot of extra weight aboa

2012-10-31 After the Survey

Your dream boat has some problems. Not the usual run-of-the-mill type, nagging list of this and that, but a serious problem or two that's tending to turn your head in other directions. Perhaps it's an engine situation as discussed in It's Got Overhauls! Or maybe it's a combination of three things that, each taken by themselves is not enough to turn the boat down, yet taken together are more than you want to deal with. This is a fairly common dilemma that you should have so

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