Ideal location to broker your yacht within the docks of the Madeira Bay Docks Always a Boat show at Madeira Bay Docks. We sell Yachts!
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NIO Yacht Group at Maderia Bay Marina

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13205 Gulf Blvd Suite C
Madeira Beach FL

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Phone: 727.397.7070

Shirley Nelle

Shirley Nelle loved being around boats. No Problem! She had a lot of ideas about the boating industry. No Problem! Someone suggested that she sell boats. No Problem! She lived in Oklahoma. Problem! With everyone saying that's a great idea......but......."NOT IN OKLAHOMA", Ms. Nelle moved to Clearwater Florida and began working in the brokerage business.

After working long enough to get her brokers licence, Nelle realized she wanted to open her own brokerage and be her own boss, So, NIO (Not In Oklahoma)Yacht Group was created. Ms. Nelle is located in the beautiful John's Pass and Madeira Beach.

There she manage's a 44 slip in Marina Madeira Bay Docks Inc. Combined with her Yacht brokerage and Madeira Bay Resort, she can accommodate vessels up to 80 ft. The resort has luxurious 2 and 3 bedroom condos for rent by day or month. Great place to vacation and purchase one of the over two hundred listings available to sell.

Come to NIO Group Inc. to enjoy boating, relax or search for the right boat! Be sure and contact her at Inquire@NioGroupInc.com or 727.639.2862. Always feel free to ask her any questions about buying a boat.